Ubiquiti UniFi Dual Band AC High Density AP


Ubiquiti’s UB-UAP-AC-HD is a 802.11ac, Wave 2 Access Point. MU-MIMO technology allows this AP to communicate with multiple clients at the same time – significantly increasing multi-user throughput and overall user experience. Deploy the UniFi UB-UAP-AC-HD in high-density environments requiring maximum wireless performance. The UniFi AC HD features simultaneous, dual-band, 4×4 MU-MIMO technology and convenient 802.3at PoE+ compatibility.

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Antenna Gain: 2.4GHz: 2x 3dBi 5.8GHz: 2x 4dBi
Beam-width: 360°
Data Rate: 2.4GHz: 800Mbps ; 5.8GHz: 1733Mbps
Ethernet Ports: 2x 10/100/1000
Hardware Button: Reset
Max. Power Consumption: 17W
Mounting: Ceiling or Wall-Mount
Operating System: UniFi
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 70°C
PoE Input: 802.3at or 48V Passive PoE
PoE Output: None
Power Input: 48V, 0.5A PoE Injector (Included)
Serial Interface: None
SIM Slots: None
Supported Voltage Range: 44V to 57V
USB Ports: None

It is capable of complex operations (guest control, filtering, and other resource-intensive tasks) that may slow down a lesser-equipped AP. The UniFi UB-UAP-AC-HD offers a secondary port available for bridging.


Ubiquiti UniFi AC HD

802.11ac Wave 2 Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point



Multi‑User MIMO
4x4 Dual‑Radio
2.53Gbps Performance
500+ Client


High‑Density Applications Powered by MU‑MIMO Technology

802.11ac Wave 2 MU‑MIMO (Multi‑User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology allows a Wave 2 AP to communicate with multiple clients at the same time – significantly increasing multi‑user throughput and overall user experience.

Radio Hardware Acceleration

Independent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dedicated hardware offload for maximized multi‑user throughput and reduced latency.

CPU Hardware Acceleration

Dedicated hardware offload for QoS, Guest Control, and Client Management.

Optimized for MU‑MIMO

Antenna System Optimized for 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO Beamforming.


Data is sent and received using multiple antennas to increase throughput and range.

Advanced Features in UniFi Controller

UniFi is the premiere Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution with seamless integration of high‑performance switching, gateways, and more.

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Weight .830 kg
Dimensions 220 × 220 × 49 mm
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